Collective for Syria



About us


We are citizens mostly Syrian, French and / or from Franco-Syrian culture, with different religion, occupation and beliefs.

The collective unifying us aims at gathering our strengths and convictions for the defense of Syria and its people, its history and generosity, while maintaining our love for France, its greatness, and values
​​that this country - of adoption for a large number of signatory members - carries with it in terms of humanism, universalism, freedom and democracy.

The collective is committed to taking every possible step to create a National Conciliation, the only mean to engage Syria on the way to changes guarantying equal rights for all, political diversity and separation between religion and State. France could in this way encourage a peaceful dialogue between the various components of Syria. 


Our collective only has meaning only in this sincere love for Syria and deep conviction that the democratic transition and the thoughtful modernization are the only means of evolution, and not the bloody and blind overthrow of the current regime.


It is up to the Syrians, and Syrians only to decide about their own future!


We support the wish of the Syrians who want to be the sole masters of their destiny.







Ten thousand years of history. Cradle of civilization. First alphabet. Land of the monotheistic religions. Symbol of togetherness. Syria is today in danger of implosion. The situation is critical and we are unfortunately not yet out of the chaos ahead, with the greatest concern of an entire community today, ravaged by the chocking spillovers.


What is happening in Syria is part of a conflict that goes beyond the framework of the country. While many claims are fair and legitimate, there are internal and external attempts to destabilize Syria. The maintenance of repression and insurgency situation, in favor of an unprecedented chaos, would affect all the countries in the region without exception. Let's us bear in mind the worryingly interfaith dimension. Syria is in great danger of community confrontation, and this won’t spare any country in the Middle East. Secularism is in danger as well as peace, regional stability and Euro-Mediterranean dialogue.


Reform solutions of in Syria, as well as means of securing the peace locally and regionally exist and deserve to be heard not only to SAVE but the whole Middle East. The solution can only be political par excellence.


We note that the situation is headed down a dead-end street. Syria is moving into the unknown. Syria is being held hostage in an endless circle of violence and disorder. We hold all the current belligerents responsible for the situation. We refuse this. We also refuse all attempts to replace others or to proclaim itself representative of the Syrian people.


Aware of the dangers that Syria and the Syrian people run,

Aware of regional and international issues and the danger of dismantling of Syria and its neighboring countries,


We, the signatories of this appeal, we constitute “COLLECTIVE for Syria”.
In order to save Syria, we want, we call and we work in every way for a National Conciliation, the only way to engage Syria on the way of changes, to ensure the equal rights for all, political diversity and separation of religion and state. Only the National Conciliation will establish the mechanism of a gradual and peaceful transition of power based on free elections.
 Thus we call for :
 - A commitment to a peaceful dialogue and a broad immediate consultation involving all the components of Syria, whether the responsibility of all actors respecting the legitimate aspirations of the Syrian people for a better life, free and dignified in a democratic, secular and civil State governed by the rule of law
 - An immediate cessation of all forms of violence or repression through arms and media.
 - The trial of all crimes related to recent events, regardless of their affiliation.
 - The cessation of all forms of foreign interference. Syria is a sovereign country. It is up to the Syrians to resolve their internal affairs.
 France could encourage a peaceful dialogue between the various components of Syria. In this sense we call France to support by all means this collective for a National Conciliation in Syria, which will ensure a gradual and peaceful transition to full democracy.



Paris, December 17th, 2011




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